Photographic Art has to be about more than just making pictures look pretty. It has to push perception beyond the ordinary – see the world beyond the veil and encourage the viewer to think about their realities. It has to be more ‘art’ than ‘photo’.

Curtis Hendricks began making photographic captures at the age of 15, working with film cameras and composing his work in darkrooms. The advent of digital photography and the emergence of the computer as the new darkroom opened broad new avenues for artistic expression that has dominated his imagination ever since. His award-winning work is remarkable for its range of subjects and styles, from abstract to cityscapes, landscapes to portraiture, extreme color to noir, realism to surrealism. He never stops experimenting and exploring new tools and techniques. Most recently he has begun blending layers of his own digital compositions, often simple geometric shapes, to increase his work’s depth and complexity.

He has made the point that the photographic artist has to nail both the photography and the artistic expression for a piece to be successful – and now that he has begun incorporating digital art, original composition as well. The act of creating, he feels, is akin to breathing.
News and photos of works currently on display in public galleries. These works are generally framed and available for purchase and exhibited alongside the superb work of a community of artists.
Newest works are displayed here, including collections of the best works of 2022 and 2021. Only a handful of new works are displayed at a time.
Some of the works included in these collections are over 50 years old. Others date to just last year. These collections reflect the progression and evolution of the artist’s work over time. From film to digital, simple to complex, pretty to surreal. Change and growth.
All works are available for purchase in metal or ink jet prints, framed or unframed. Use this form to communicate with the artist on sizes and pricing.
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